LacPatrick Dairies

Value £2.32 million Sector Commercial Consulting Engineer Project Management Wallace Doherty Engineers

LacPatrick Dairies, Artigarvan, Strabane – Construction of a new Evaporator and Spray Dryer Plant.The mechanical services consisted of a multi-disciplined installation all installed to a very high standard with a food grade environment.

The building consists of seven levels with stainless steel flooring at each level. All services with the exception of steam were carried out in 316 grade stainless steel and all insulation clad in a similar material.

Major plant items were “free issue” by the client. Mechanical disciplines carried out included the following:

  • Light Fuel Oil – To generators and plant
  • Steam & Condensate – To heat exchangers and plant
  • Natural Gas – To dryers and production plant
  • Acid & Caustic Lines – From external bulk storage to plant
  • Chilled Water – From external chiller to plant
  • Cooling Tower Water – From external cooling tower to plant
  • Process Water – From existing factory to plant
  • Evaporator Condensate – Condensate from evaporation process collected for reuse in cleaning operations
  • Firefighting Dry Riser – Rise from GL to each landing with FF outlets
  • Fire Suppression – Routed from existing factory to outlets on each level and safety showers throughout the building
  • Compressed Air – Pipework from new compressor, receiver and Dryer distributed throughout the building to over 300 outlets
  • Mains Water – Distribution pipework to employee facilities, toilets and hygiene stations
  • Floor Drainage – Floor drains from various points in Dryer and Evaporator Floors
  • Ventilation – Supply, extract, make-up, smoke extract systems throughout the building all in stainless steel ducting, stainless steel grilles, louvres, etc
  • Air Conditioning – AC to Reception, Control Rooms and Offices
  • Sanitary Ware & Wastes – To employee facilities and hand wash stations

This Project won the CEF Commercial Construction Project Award 2017

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